Monday, August 28, 2006

Fight for Baghdad, again

Robust troop depolyments can still make a difference, Los Angeles Times:
BAGHDAD — An ambitious military sweep appears to be dramatically reducing Baghdad's homicide rate, U.S. and Iraqi officials said Sunday — even as violence nationwide killed at least 80 people, including six U.S. soldiers in and around the capital.

Last month, the Baghdad morgue received more than 1,800 bodies, a record high. This month, the morgue is on track to receive less than a quarter of that.
In order for this to be anything but a temporary reprieve, security operations need to be expanded and reinforced.


Blogger Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Hi there,

What´s up?

Me, I´ve been sailing off the coast of old Hispania with little electronic links to the world outside my little catamaran.

Made me want to reverse the tide of time and jump back to the pre-Tex-Avivian era when the growth engine of the "civilized" world didn´t work on a hybrid fuel made of Iraqi blood and Palestnian flesh...

4:43 PM  
Blogger copy editor said...

That sounds quite enjoyable. A boat excursion now would make a great deal of sense. I recommend three to five years worth of provisions. There are nice filters campers use to purify water, and instant rice may have a half-life longer than plutonium.

Much to worry about insofar as that grinder. Pakistan has seen extensive riots from a decades old conflict. Maybe Iraq's military (and weak central government) is taking on Sadr before he grows too powerful (ask the Marines about finishing the job once it is started). Olmert has authorized a limited review of his decisions, which could only lead to a greater and more terminal review for his premiership. Afghanistan is more and more troubling each week. The Kurdish militants might have launched an offensive on Turkey, and that will result in an escalation in Iraq's north. Kirkuk is more and more dangerous. Hezbollah is playing friendly while the moderates and the wealthy pack up and leave. Iran's next deadline passes this week...

4:55 PM  

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