Thursday, June 01, 2006

Andrew Sullivan's tough questions

There has always been a military solution to Iraq. There still is, as Fred Kagan recently showed in a long article in the Weekly Standard. It just required resources to achieve it, to pacify a post-totalitarian society, provide order and the context in which politics can happen. The American public would have approved the resources necessary, and made sacrifices if asked. And yet Bush has deliberately and by conscious choice allowed anarchy and terror to decimate Iraqi civil society. None of this helps the war; and none of it helps him. There are many times when I am simply baffled by the whole farce. Is he this stupid? Is he this blind? Or was this never a serious venture? Did Cheney and Rumsfeld never want to build a democracy in Iraq, just reduce it to rubble and chaos, while ensuring that Saddam could get no WMDs? Even now, I have no idea. But something here doesn't add up. Incompetence doesn't quite capture the enormity of the failure or the incoherence of the project. And so we stagger on, desperate for hope, but forced to confront the worst-managed war since Vietnam. Except the stakes are far, far higher than Vietnam. And the consequences of failure close to existential. I know that in part because Bush keeps telling us. Is he lying? Or is he just drowning in a job that he is simply unable to do?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He doesn't cut and run like we did in Vietnam. I believe the irreprehensible reporting is doing more to undermined his administration than any policy or action on his part. It is the worse I have seen in my lifetime. Not only do facts get skewed, they get left out entirely by the media. I do not want to cut and run. Why is the liberal left chanting this? Think about it. They have been chanting Bush failures since day one. To blame him for all that goes wrong on this planet is cowardly and shows just how far the left has gone to cover their own fear. They do not have a strong contender for office. Tough questions? How about tough solutions.... My generation is shameless in what they say and write to deter from the truth. We are suceeding in Iraq, but the left will chant all the way to 2008 and back, Bush is an idiot, cover up, conspiracy. The truth of the matter is, the biggest conspiracy in American history happens every time the dwindling numbers pick up a major news publication or turn on the tanking major news channels. Look at the numbers. America in the most part does not want to hear it anymore. And the ones of my generation that keep pushing their gentle do good treat them with kindness attitude are stuck in the days of peace signs and tie dye pants. It is a new and much more dangerous world. Come out of Bizarro land and open your eyes and ears and dear to hear the truth.

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Blogger copy editor said...

There are no doubt success stories in Iraq, just as their are sacrifice stories, and horrid failures. Why don't you detail some of the success stories?

I think you might be a card carrying commuter in Bizarro Land, by the way.

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