Friday, May 19, 2006

More troops to Ramadi

(CNN) -- U.S. military commanders will order more U.S. troops to the Iraqi city of Ramadi, the volatile Anbar provincial capital where troops and insurgents have been fighting new pitched battles, CNN learned on Friday.

The reinforcements, described as a significant number, will come from other areas inside Iraq, but military sources are not saying exactly when the troops will arrive.

Fighting has been raging in the sprawling, largely Sunni Arab province west of Baghdad for days; coalition forces have engaged insurgents in the area every day since May 7, the military said.

Anbar has been a major front in the ongoing insurgency.

USA Today:
BAGHDAD — Iraqi leaders will announce the makeup of the country's new government this weekend, then turn to the task of running a country increasingly divided along ethnic and religious lines.


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