Friday, March 24, 2006

From Russia with espionage (and other news)


The A.P.:
WASHINGTON - The Russian government had sources inside the American military command as the U.S. mounted the invasion of Iraq, and the Russians passed information to Saddam Hussein on troop movements and plans, according to Iraqi documents released as part of a Pentagon report.
Sort of related...

The Washington Post:
The White House today denounced the suppression of political protests against election fraud in Belarus and said the United States plans to join European nations in imposing sanctions on Belarusan leaders.
Other news....

The A.P.:
LOS ANGELES - Thousands of people across the country protested Friday against legislation cracking down on illegal immigrants, with demonstrators in such cities as Los Angeles, Phoenix and Atlanta staging school walkouts, marches and work stoppages.
Could this energize the far right wing of the GOP, thus making things even more difficult for Bush?


The New York Times:
BAGHDAD, Iraq, March 24 — The bill of death appeared overnight on Thursday, addressed to "the Palestinian traitors," and the killers were specific in their intent.

"We warn you that we will eliminate you all if you don't leave the area for good within 10 days," the leaflet said. It was signed by a group calling itself the Judgment Day Battalion, and it was scattered in front of the homes of Palestinians in Al Hurriya, a northern Baghdad neighborhood.

"We are ready to leave Iraq — if we have the chance," a Palestinian resident of Al Hurriya said today, declining to provide his name for fear of retribution. "This is the opinion of everyone here."

He added, "We feel unsafe — and today is better than tomorrow."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

...and the Russians passed information to Saddam Hussein on troop movements and plans,...

Must not have been very good intelligence for all of the good it did the Iraqis.

4:21 PM  
Blogger copy editor said...

That is funny.

BUT. Russia is worrying me more and more.

4:41 PM  

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