Saturday, December 03, 2005

Saturday news

The war over the war in Iraq

The U.S. military command in Baghdad acknowledges paying Iraqi papers for positive stories, Washington Post.

General Martin Dempsey raises some doubt about whether the Iraqis will be able to afford the 10 divisions that are planned, Washington Times. Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari's office conducted a report on the Iraqi security forces, concluding they have "a long way to go", AP via the Boston Globe.

Al Sistani urges Shiite Iraqis to vote for religious candidates on Dec. 15, al Jazeera.

The largest Sunni party in Iraq has called for the release of the hostages in Iraq, AP/CP via Globe and Mail.

Tensions develop within Shiite factions over the economic problems in Iraq, Reuters via EIRCOM.

The FBI has reopened the investigation into the use of forged documents to make the case for war, Los Angeles Times.

Al Qaeda

Los Angeles Times: "Key Associate of No. 2 Al Qaeda Leader Killed by Pakistani Forces, Official Says"


Bush's radio address focused on his immigration policy, White House.

New Orleans

Problems in federal funding for Louisiana may stem from mistrust of Louisiana pols, Los Angeles Times.

Blanco and Bush bickered over military deployment, bickering continues, New Orleans Times Picayune.

Governor Blanco's office scrambled to shift blame to the federal government early in the Katrina disaster, Times Picayune.


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