Monday, September 19, 2005

Morning copy 9.19.2005

North Korea vows to quit arms program, Washington Post. What is the over-under for Condi using this will be used as an Iraqi success story?

Divided German elections might leave Schroeder in charge, Washington Post.

Afghan voters defy insurgents, New York Times.

Both insurgents and U.S. claim upper-hand in Iraq conflict, Washington Post. Excerpt:

The fact that American forces still attack entire cities and towns in the west is a sign of how much territory remains out of U.S. and Iraqi government control, said Abu Hatem Dulaimi, a member of the Zarqawi-allied Ansar al-Sunna Army.

"I can say that the legend of the undefeated U.S. Army is gone, owing to our rockets and mines, which are separating them from it day after day," Dulaimi said in a telephone interview. "If they bet that time will be the way to end the resistance, they are wrong, because we are stronger since a year ago or maybe more."

The Shiite angle is explored in the New York Times, endurance versus violence. LINK.

Olde Tyme Newspaper nostalgia, Slate.

Barack Obama is emerging on a national platform with his efforts on Katrina relief, Harvard Crimson. Carlos Watson said on CNN yesterday that perhaps Obama would ally with Bush to get Katrina relief through the Congress.

I can't think of a time where Democratic support was as necessary for the president in this Congress. It is interesting that Bush's plan is to create more Republicans. (More on that tonight.)

Quick hit in the Boston Globe on Obama's fundraising, LINK.


Blogger Henry Nickel said...

Well it looks like things have pretty much gone from bad to worse. But I believe you should never blame politics for bad government, the system is broken. Giving such power to factions rather than people will lead to a factionalized government and serve the interests of faction over the people. Madison warned against such government in Federalist 10. I wish more Europeans would at least acknowledge the lessons learned here. I don't expect they will and I doubt the system will change. To that I say Schroeder is brilliant and lead the conservatives gleefully into a trap. He is a master of the German system and for that I give him great credit. But he is an iconic example of the type factitious leader Madison warned us about. The zwei stimme system is fundamentally flawed and the parties too strong, I may make a lot of enemies by saying it but I truly believe it. Good luck to Germany. I'm sure we can still find ways to accommodate those brilliant enough to leave.

1:32 PM  
Blogger copy editor said...

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