Saturday, August 20, 2005

Saturday news

Ervin Santana of the Anaheim, er Los Angeles of Anaheim California, Angels is a good pitcher.

Talks in Iraq stalling over the same issues, al Jazeera. Kurds have expressed a willingness to not push for a right to secede in the document.

Published reports two weeks ago indicated that oil was resolved. This may not have been the case.

Three Sunni voting activists killed. Some Sunnis attacking al Qaeda in Iraq Sunnis, WaPo filed from Mosul.

Monitoring radical Islam in California prisons, LA Times.

George Bush and Max Cleland's radio addresses, CNN LINK. Bush says his usual, Cleland says fight right or get out.

Army planning for a troop level of 100,000 in Iraq until 2009, AP story online at USA Today.

Oil prices may be serious problem for Americans that have little to no savings, NY Times Editorial.

Former Governor Bill Weld's run in New York in 2006 is handicapped in the New York Times, LINK.

One lawyer says Roberts was only joking, Washington Post LINK. Roberts wrote that Bob Jones should soak his head, LA Times, it's the kicker.

The Discovery Institute's role in the pro-Intelligent Design movement, NY Times.

Do not underestimate the importance of this movement. Do not think for a second that teaching something unscientific as science is dangerous and goes against the spirit of the European Enlightenment.


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